5 Tips on Rock Chip Identification and Repair

By being proactive and taking care of rock chips as soon as you notice them, you can minimize the risk of them getting larger and subsequently causing the need for windshield replacement. When trying to determine whether your rock chip can be repaired, there’s a general rule of thumb: if the rock chip’s diameter is larger than that of a quarter’s, there’s a good chance you’ll need windshield replacement. But if it’s smaller, it’ll likely qualify for repair, in which case it’s prudent to get it fixed by a reputable auto glass repair shop, instead of some transient pop-up tent on the side of the road. By choosing this route, you can feel more confident that the repairs will be done expertly and that you’ll receive appropriate assistance with the insurance process. Here’s a look at five tips on identifying different types of rock chips.

Star Chip

This type of rock chip has lines shooting outward from the impact point. If not taken care of promptly, star chips have a tendency to develop more extensive cracking, which could necessitate windshield replacement.

Half Moon

The half-moon shape tends to result from an object hitting the windshield at an awkward, sideways angle, which can consequently make it one of the more difficult kinds of rock chips to repair.

Bullseye Break

This one, on the other hand, is an easier fix. It can be identified by a dark center spot that is circled by rings.

Combo Chip

Sometimes rock chips will have traits of more than one of the above listed types, making them of the combination variety. Whether or not these can be repaired is typically determined on a case-by-case basis.

Classic Windshield Crack

The general rule is that, if the crack is less than three inches in length, it can be repaired. But longer ones will likely mean that windshield replacement is going to be needed.

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