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How To Avoid Car Accidents: 6 Tips To Keep You Safe

Driving is something most people do every day. Because of this, people can grow lazy with their driving. Understanding how to avoid car accidents can protect your family and allow you to enjoy the ride rather than stress about safety. This post discusses important considerations before navigating major roads, safe driving practices to prevent accidents, […]

How Long Does Car Detailing Take?

| Formula 1 Collision |
After owning a vehicle for a few years, you might notice the quality of your interior and exterior surfaces declining. Keeping your car in top condition is impossible without occasional detailing services. When taking your car in for detailing or considering a DIY job, you won’t want to inconvenience your schedule. You may ask yourself, […]

How You Pick the Best Auto Body Repair Shop?

Choosing the best auto body repair shop is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the quality, cost, and duration of the repairs your vehicle requires. In an industry rife with varying standards of service and expertise, it’s important to conduct thorough research to ensure your car is in capable hands. This blog will guide […]

Towing Dilemmas: Can You Call a Tow Truck on Someone Else’s Vehicle?

| Formula 1 Collision |
You’re probably familiar with signs outside local establishments indicating that you risk getting your car towed if you violate parking guidelines. Such signs help deter non-customers from parking outside a particular business for extended periods, but can you call a tow truck on someone else’s car? In this blog post, a team from Formula 1 […]

How Long Does Spray Paint Last on a Car?

How long does spray paint last on a car? Whether you’re sprucing up an old beater or adding a vibrant new color to your luxury car, you might want to know about the longevity of the finish. As the go-to car paint shop in Arizona, our team at Formula 1 Collision Center understands the importance of […]

How Long Does a Full Auto Body Repair Take?

Do you have some body damage on your car and wonder how long it will take to fix? Auto body repair times can vary significantly depending on several factors. To help you out, the team at Formula 1 Collision Center aims to answer the question, “How long does auto body repair take?” Contact the best […]

Eco-Friendly Car Paint: Navigating Sustainable Options

When considering car paint options, most car owners probably don’t think much about the decision. After all, car paint is car paint—how different can they be? The reality, however, reveals that some car paints are more eco-friendly than others. If you want to be more environmentally conscious, you have the option of eco-friendly car paints. […]

3 Questions To Ask Your Body Repair Shop

Cars sustain cosmetic damage from various sources, such as wrecks, collisions with mailboxes, and the odd scratch or dent. If you want to prolong your car’s shine, you might appreciate these questions to ask the auto body repair shop the next time you’re in for a service or paint correction.  Formula 1 Collision Center, the […]

What Is Paint Correction?

You may not notice the first or second scratch on your car. However, those flaws grow exponentially over time, making your car look more worn down than it should for how much you drive it.  What is paint correction, and is it the best solution? Formula 1 Collision Center’s team of auto body experts discuss […]

A Complete Guide to the Five Types of Towing Services

When you call for a tow truck, it may surprise you to find out that there are several different types of towing services available. Specialized tow trucks come in different classes, and each class can handle different types of towing jobs. Using the wrong class for towing could end up damaging the towed vehicle. This […]

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