how long does car detailing take

How Long Does Car Detailing Take?

After owning a vehicle for a few years, you might notice the quality of your interior and exterior surfaces declining. Keeping your car in top condition is impossible without occasional detailing services.

When taking your car in for detailing or considering a DIY job, you won’t want to inconvenience your schedule. You may ask yourself, “How long does car detailing take?”

In this post, we’ll discuss the time needed for auto detailing services with the best auto body shop in Tucson. The professionals from Formula 1 Collision Center offer comprehensive detailing, repair, and towing services to keep your car in top condition — call today.

Difference Between a Car Wash and Car Detailing

While considering the duration of professional car detailing services, you might not know how detailing differs from a car wash. As a more comprehensive way of restoring your vehicle, detailing returns it to its factory look and condition. Detailers work meticulously by hand to restore exteriors and interiors.

Automated car washes only eliminate dirt on the outside of your vehicle. However, despite being a popular, efficient way of cleaning external contaminants, they can’t compare to detailing.

Exterior Detailing Time Estimate

Efficient car detailing process duration for exteriors: 2 to 5 hours

During exterior detailing, professionals refurbish every surface on the outside of your car. The factors affecting car detailing time depend on the condition of your vehicle. With comprehensive exterior detailing, including washing, waxing, ceramic coating, polishing, and paint correction, dilapidated vehicles take much longer to restore.

Interior Detailing Time Estimate

Efficient car detailing process duration for interiors: 5 to 8 hours

When estimating car detailing duration, expect a longer wait for interior work. Car interiors involve tight spaces and careful attention to dashboards, screens, and delicate controls, plus a wider variety of materials and surfaces to clean.

During interior detailing, experts start with a base clean followed by procedures to restore the materials on every surface. Using detergents, stain removers, polishes, air fresheners, carpet extractors, and glass cleaners, experts revitalize the inside of your car.

Should You Detail Your Own Car or Hire a Professional?

While wondering, “How long does car detailing take?” you might question whether you or a professional should service your vehicle.

Some car owners think detailing their own vehicle will save time and money. However, like auto repair in general, restoring your car can be much more difficult than you realize. Furthermore, you’ll have to buy all the supplies and equipment to do the job well, which can end up costing even more.

Qualified professionals have the experience, tools, and resources to detail your car efficiently. Opting for these services can save you significant time and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Restore Your Car’s Appearance With a Detailing Job From Formula 1 Collision Center

For everything from questions to ask your auto repair shop to navigating the towing process, our experts offer unparalleled automobile expertise and top-rated services. Whether you need a car detailing timeframe or just want to inquire about our services, our professionals have the solution. Call (520) 369-4291 for more answers to “How long does car detailing take?” from the Formula 1 Collision Center experts.

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