what is paint correction

What Is Paint Correction?

You may not notice the first or second scratch on your car. However, those flaws grow exponentially over time, making your car look more worn down than it should for how much you drive it. 

What is paint correction, and is it the best solution? Formula 1 Collision Center’s team of auto body experts discuss the details below. They’re also happy to assist you from the car paint shop in Arizona or over the phone.

How Car Paint Degrades Over Time

While car paint may last up to 15 years, it usually develops visible flaws much earlier. Exposure to outdoor elements like sunlight, temperature changes, and moisture gradually degrade the vehicle’s top coat. 

Washing, waxing, and polishing your vehicle slows this degradation. However, there aren’t many vehicle owners who keep up with these tasks on the to-do list enough to make a marked difference to the paintwork.

Types of Paint Damage That Correction Can Handle

  • Swirl marks: These marks occur due to improper washing and cleaning methods, such as wiping down a dry surface.
  • Scratches: Dirt, leaves, and dead bugs cause scratches along the car’s body. 
  • Oxidation: Have you noticed your paint looking mottled and lighter in color? This happens when hot air corrodes the paint’s surface.
  • Chipping: Auto paint chips when hard objects strike the surface with force. Rocks and minor collisions cause paint to chip. 

What Is Paint Correction?

What is paint correction’s role in making your car look new again? Paint correction from an experienced technician uses industry-leading products and technology to erase flaws. They’ll also apply a fresh coat of paint with a protective clear coat on top for immaculate results. 

In short, paint correction provides a fresh cosmetic start without the costly expense of completely repainting the car. A detailer can make those distracting mottles, scratches, and chipped areas disappear so that you can maintain your car’s beauty with just a regular cleaning routine. 

Why Do You Need Paint Correction from Professionals?

All types of car painting services require personal protective equipment and professional training. If you attempt to paint the vehicle yourself, you could inhale toxic fumes that damage your respiratory health. Professional detailers understand and prepare for these risks.

What if you don’t correct the paint damage? Will minor damage cause problems? Unfortunately, once there are minor cosmetic damages, they gradually expose the vehicle’s panels to corrosive outdoor elements as they expand and allow rust into the mix. 

If you want to sell or trade your car in the future, buyers judge a car based on its appearance. Your car may run well, but the growing collection of scratches and oxidized patches won’t attract quality customers. In this case, paint correction also helps your vehicle make an excellent first impression and attract a higher market value. 

Contact Formula 1 Collision Center for Corrective Services

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