can car paint be matched exactly

Can Car Paint Be Matched Exactly?

Whether your car’s paint job has taken a beating from the hot Tucson sun or a collision with another vehicle, you may be wondering how to repair the damaged paint. Whatever the cause of the problem, the best auto body shops in Tucson can help you answer, “Can car paint be matched exactly?”

Information To Keep in Mind About Matching Car Paint Exactly

The answer to “Can car paint be matched exactly?” is “yes” — as long as you take the proper steps to do so. Even a slightly different paint shade can create a noticeable blemish on your vehicle that hurts its appearance.

Here’s what you need to know about matching car paint exactly.

Get the Right Color Code for Your Tucson Car Paint Job

An exact match requires an exact color code based on a car’s make, model, and year. Color specialists use a database to locate standard paint colors and an optical tool called a spectrophotometer to measure a custom paint’s light intensity.

The color specialist cleans the area being measured and then performs several readings, eventually discovering an exact match for even the most hard-to-find paint, providing a positive answer to, “Can car paint be matched exactly?”

Current Technology Provides the Best Results

Modern technology plays a crucial role in the outcome of a car paint job. Technology like the spectrophotometer makes it possible for even people with colorblindness to develop exact car paint matches. As a result, there’s no reason to work with an auto shop that uses outdated methods like eyeballing colors — doing so prevents getting an exact match.

It Might Take More Than One Paint Color to Match Your Car Paint

Matching your car paint exactly might require mixing two or more paints instead of applying them separately. The brightness and darkness of the mix requires a keen attention to detail about issues like glossiness. As such, the body shop should have the right equipment to thoroughly mix several paint colors and create a completely blended paint to apply to your vehicle.

One Last Tip To Assure an Exact Match

Check out the paint booth to ensure it’s well-maintained. A clean booth means clean paint that preserves the exact color match. Pay attention to whether the techs seem rushed or take their time, as discovering an exact match and applying it requires precision and thoughtfulness. These points help ensure an answer that puts a smile on your face after asking, “Can car paint be matched exactly?”

Contact Formula 1 Collision Center in Tucson for All Your Car Paint Needs

Formula 1 Collision Center has earned a reputation for matching car paint by staying current with industry changes, maintaining a stellar work ethic, and showcasing a love of cars. We provide standard and custom-mixed colors that meet the needs of every road beauty that rolls into our shop. Whether dealing with a fender bender due to a road safety incident or faded paint, contact us today at 520-369-4291 to check out how we match car paints exactly.

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