collision between cars and motorcycles

What Is the Most Common Collision Between Cars and Motorcycles?

Are you wondering, “What Is the most common collision between cars and motorcycles?” Formula 1 Collision Center explores the topic of car-motorcycle accidents below.

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The Most Common of the Car-Motorcycle Accident Causes

Per vehicle collision statistics, there are thousands of car and motorcycle road accidents in the United States each year. In a car-motorcycle collision, motorcyclists are the ones who suffer the most injuries because they have very little protection from an impact.

Making left turns inattentively is one of the most common car motorcycle accident causes. Left-turn accidents happen at intersections because of speeding or when the motorcyclist approaches the car. They also happen after the approach, if the motorcyclist flies by.

Now that you know, “What is the most common collision between cars and motorcycles?” here are car motorcycle safety tips to follow.

Remember That Tech Doesn’t Get Rid of Blind Spots

Modern cars come with all kinds of gadgets. A technological system tells you how to back up. It warns you about bad road conditions. It lets you talk to people overseas while driving down a Tucson highway.

But modern vehicles still roll out of the factory with significant blind spots.

Therefore, adjust your mirrors before each drive because people walking by in a parking lot can bump them.

Double-checking your mirrors is necessary for lane changes. Motorcycles can move fast and cause a car driver to think they’re in the clear. For instance, a motorcyclist might switch lanes quickly, right after you do. You think you’re being safe, but it ends in a wreck because of their speed. Therefore, double-check your moves.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Set your phone to driving mode. Only keep it nearby if you use it as a medical device or need it in case of an emergency. If you do this, you are less likely to experience a collision.

Paying attention helps you see the mistakes that others are about to make.

Learn More About Motorcycles

If you’ve never ridden motorcycles, you may not realize how speedy they are. This can cause you to misjudge how much time you have to pull out in front of them. If you know someone who has one, ask them about this. You can also do some research online to get a better idea.

It’s Not Always the Car Driver’s Fault

Motorcyclists should understand motorcycle accident risks. They need to know about the common motorcycle crash types. The freedom a motorcycle brings doesn’t mean they’re exempt from following the laws of the road.

Everyone on the road needs to follow collision prevention strategies.

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Now that you know the answer to “What is the most common collision between cars and motorcycles?”, you’re hopefully inspired to learn more about how to avoid car accidents. Formula 1 Collision Center uses cutting-edge technology to repair import and domestic cars and trucks. We guarantee honesty and expertise. Contact us at (520) 369-4291.

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