Why Choose a Certified Volvo Body Shop?

Benefits of choosing Volvo certified facilities for cosmetic or collision repair

If you drive a Volvo, you are already familiar with its safety and durability features. Whether a sedan, an SUV, or a compact car, every Volvo is built for performance that lasts. Volvo is a respected and trusted brand that runs safely on any road down to the very last mile. In case of a crash, the best thing you can do is get into the nearest Volvo-certified body shop. This post will discuss why you should take your car only to a certified Volvo repair center.

Volvo certified collision centers use Volvo genuine replacement parts

Whether your car was involved in a minor or major auto accident, a Volvo Certified Collision Facility has the Volvo genuine parts needed to restore your damaged vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Volvo engages in continuous innovation to ensure that you get top performance every time you replace parts. The company drops Volvo genuine windshields and other replacement parts directly to certified facilities.

When you visit a Volvo-certified auto body shop, you get parts designed, manufactured, and tested by Volvo for optimum performance. This means if you want your car to be 100 percent Volvo, you only take it to a Volvo certified collision facility. All parts come with a warranty. In addition to using genuine Volvo parts that meet Volvo’s factory specifications, Volvo technicians must adhere to Volvo’s rigorous safety standards during a collision repair to maintain the high safety standards that Volvo cars are known for.

Highly trained technicians

Volvo auto repair technicians undergo rigorous training to diagnose, repair, and maintain your car according to Volvo factory standards. They are not just like the mechanics in unqualified shops; Volvo has created a network of technicians who work in the various Volvo-certified collision centers. When you drive or tow your car into a certified Volvo Certified Collision Facility for cosmetic or collision repair, be sure to get nothing but I-Car Gold Class repairs before it is released back to you. The technicians will ensure that all your car’s essential systems function properly after an auto accident, just as they were when they left the factory.

Superior repair experience according to Volvo’s factory specification

All Volvo Certified Collision Facility repair centers must satisfy Volvo’s strict requirements and achieve I-CAR Gold Class status. From the time you get involved in an auto accident to the time you get your car back, you can rest assured of great customer service from the Volvo service center and the certified collision repair shop. When you arrive at the service center, you will be met by friendly staff and collision repair technicians who are ready to explain in detail what your car needs. You will receive a fully transparent estimate once the technicians diagnose the car and determine what parts need to be replaced. Do not deal with aftermarket parts, unqualified technicians, or low-quality service; visit a Volvo Certified Collision Facility and receive complete customer satisfaction.

Volvo cars have a connected safety app to direct you to the nearest repair shop

When you own a Volvo, you do not have to worry about the rigorous process of locating a trustworthy auto body shop. Many Volvo cars have a connected security app that automatically opens the communication line between the driver and the manufacturer once it detects a crash. The Volvo Roadside Assistance Program will also direct you to the nearest Volvo-certified body shop, where a Volvo accident advisor will send your contact details to the insurance company to ensure a smooth restoration process. This app will save you a lot of time that you would have spent searching for collision centers on Google, reading through endless auto body shop reviews, calling the insurance company, or looking for a towing service.

Specialized equipment

When it comes to collision repair, not all auto body shops are the same. Some mechanics do not handle all car makes and models, while others will not handle older models. If you get involved in a crash, rest assured Volvo Certified Collision Facilities can handle all your cars regardless of age. Volvo inspects facilities to ensure they reach the strict Volvo standards and are properly equipped to handle any repair. Apart from training technicians within their network, they conduct regular checks to ensure that the facility has all the specialized equipment needed to safeguard the reputation they have created for themselves over the years.

Lack of proper equipment is what makes most auto repairs not last. Most drivers will pay expensively for repairs they do not need or parts that their cars do not require because the mechanic is afraid of losing money. In Volvo Certified Collision Facilities, it is a different ball game. Your car’s safety and performance come first. So, instead of looking for any other cheap mechanic to give your damaged vehicle a quick fix, let the Volvo cars accident advisor direct you to the nearest certified collision repair shop.

Involved in a crash near Tucson? Visit Formula 1 Collision Center

Give your Volvo luxury car the attention it demands. At Formula 1 Collision Center, we have a team of experts ready to restore all your cars according to Volvo factory specifications. We are certified to offer collision care management and auto body refinishing for any Volvo. Our technicians have saved cars involved in accidents within Tucson for over 40 years, and we want to help save yours too. In addition, our premium service and 24/7 towing assistance have contributed to us being the best body shop in Tucson. Regardless of the level of damage, we have the right minds, fine hands, and genuine parts to restore your car. Call us at 520.369.4291 for assistance today.

Expert Volvo Collision Repair in Tucson, AZ

If you drive a Volvo and have recently gotten in an accident, then you’ll want to entrust the repairs to a shop that specializes in these vehicles. From minor scratch repair to precision frame straightening, the work should be done by service techs that provide factory-certified Volvo repair in Tucson.

Computerized Frame Straightening

After an accident, it’s very important that your frame is returned as closely as possible to its original specifications. This will help to ensure that, in the event of another collision, you will be better protected.

Computerized Estimates and Parts Ordering

Following a collision, you’ll likely want to get your vehicle back in working order as soon as possible. With computer-generated estimates, you can get the ball rolling quickly. These estimates will provide great detail about precisely what needs to be done, and will make clear how much labor and individual parts will cost.

Computerized Color Matching

With computerized color matching, your trusty Volvo will be seamlessly restored to its pre-accident appearance.

Paintless Dent Removal in Tucson

Paintless dent removal involves the service tech using a set of specialized tools to work out the dent from the inside of the vehicle’s paneling. This allows the costly and time-consuming process of painting to be skipped. While not every dent will qualify for this type of repair, smaller ones often will.

Scratch Repair

By quickly getting to the shop to repair scratches, you can help ensure that they don’t give rust the opportunity to set in.

If you need Volvo collision repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For factory-certified Volvo auto body repair in Tucson, contact the experts at Formula 1 Collision Center at (520) 369-4291. Feel free to give Formula 1 a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle’s auto body needs!

Expert Collision Repair in Tucson

For many of us, getting behind the steering wheel of a car and heading out onto the road is an act that requires our full attention. Whether we make sure to keep a safe distance between our car and anyone around us or we keep our eyes peeled for jay-walking pedestrians, many of us take extra steps to try and avoid any kind of accident. However, even the most cautious of drivers can’t control everything that happens to their car and it’s possible that damage can still occur to a vehicle. A car can be struck by another car without any warning, whether driving on the road or parked in a parking lot. Objects can fall onto a car and golf balls can smash through windshields. However, one of the most common reasons for a car to be damaged is during a collision. When you need collision repair it’s important that you find team of trusted auto body repair experts who can provide you with thorough and reliable repairs.

Auto Body Repair

When your car is in a collision, no matter how big a collision or how small, there will most likely be some kind of damage as a result of the collision. It can be frustrating — and downright scary — to realize your vehicle has been damaged, but with the right team of specially trained auto techs your vehicle can be restored to like-new condition. Are there scratches along side of your car? Do you have new dents in your bumper? Are there dings in the hood? Has the frame of the vehicle been bent out of shape? No matter what damage your vehicle has experienced, there are auto body repair centers that specialize in collision repair and are ready to help get your vehicle restored to its pre-accident state. Looking for auto body repair or collision repair in Tucson? Let us help, here at Formula 1!

Get an Accurate Estimate

Being involved in a collision is stressful enough. But not knowing how much the repair work might end up costing you can add a whole new level of stress to the experience. One way you can be certain the stress of the situation will never go away is by ignoring it and refusing to figure out the cost. Help yourself out and get in touch with a trusted team of expert auto body repair techs who can properly inspect all the damage on your vehicle and provide you with an estimate. This estimate will help you better assess the situation, understand what is needed for your car, and ask any questions you have about the repair process. In addition, getting an estimate provides you with the opportunity to explore any insurance options you have and how to go about them in a timely manner.

When we learn how to drive, we also learn how to be a safe and responsible driver. For many of us, this means driving in a cautious manner that minimizes the risk of damage. However, collisions can still occur to even the most careful of drivers and when it does it’s important that you find an auto body repair center that can provide you with not only an accurate estimate, but thorough and reliable repair work. The next time you are in desperate need of the best possible collision repair In Tucson take a moment and get in touch with our team of experts here at Formula 1 at (520) 369-4291 right away! Our highly trained team of auto technicians are ready to thoroughly assess the damage to your vehicle and get you the repair work you need, today!

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