do auto body shops report damage to insurance

Do Auto Body Shops Report Damage to Insurance?

Collision insurance exists to help cover auto body damage during accidents. Keeping track of expenses is important for making insurance claims, so the question naturally arises: Do auto body shops report damage to insurance? Formula 1 Collision Center is here to discuss the ins and outs of auto body shop damage reporting to insurance companies.

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Auto Body Shop Process

Here is how going to the auto shop works. When you bring your car in, the ship will ask whether you are paying out of pocket or through insurance. Shops will give you an estimate before making your decision, but most car repairs do go through insurance. After giving you your estimate, they will perform a detailed inspection of your car to assess the damage. It’s fairly common for auto body shops to find additional problems during detailed inspections. They will then create a detailed list of repair costs.

Auto Body Shop Insurance Reporting

So, do auto body shops report damage to insurance? Yes, they do! Once they figure out the total damages, the auto body shop will call your insurance company and give them the details. After that, they just have to wait to get approval. The insurance company might request additional information before it approves the claim. Once they approve the claim, they will reimburse the auto body shop for the work.

Insurance claims reporting by auto body shops is heavily regulated, and any insurance fraud or misrepresentation can impose serious penalties. That is why it is crucial you work with a reputable auto body repair shop that has experience with auto body shop damage notification to insurance.

Do Auto Body Shops Report Damage If I Don’t Go Through Insurance?

If you, for whatever reasons, decide to pay out of pocket instead of going through your insurance, you will be responsible for any repair costs. In this case, the auto body shop will not report the damages to your insurance company because there is no reimbursement on their end.

However, most insurance companies will still require you to report any damages for safety purposes so they can adjust your policy rates. So, if you don’t have insurance or decide to pay without insurance, make sure you get a comprehensive breakdown of repair costs for your records.

Smoothly Navigate Insurance Reporting by Auto Body Shops

To keep the process streamlined, maintain detailed records of any work completed and maintain an open line of communication with your auto body shop. Depending on the type of scope of the damage, reporting auto body repairs to insurance can be complex.

Auto Body Repair in Tucson

Now that you know the answer to “Do auto body shops report damage to insurance?” read our blog to learn about the differences between comprehensive coverage and coverage for collision in auto insurance. Contact Formula 1 Collision Center online or call today at (520) 369-4291 to receive an estimate for auto body repair!

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