how do you know if your suspension is damaged

How Do You Know If Your Suspension Is Damaged?

Your car’s suspension is one of its most important components and ensures a smooth ride across different terrains. Damaged suspension can seriously damage your car, so identifying suspension damage and fixing it should be a priority. But how do you know if your suspension is damaged? Read on to learn the tell-tale signs of damaged suspension in your car.

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What Does Your Car’s Suspension Do?

Car suspension is a series of springs and levers that work to keep the tires in contact with the road as much as possible. Your suspension system absorbs the shock from the road so that your tires don’t bounce and you can drive smoothly. The suspension is part of the chassis on the bottom of your car and is located on both the front and back tires.

Signs Your Suspension Is Damaged

Recognizing suspension issues and suspension damage indicators is incredibly important from a car safety standpoint. If you notice any of the following suspension damage signs, contact a professional auto body shop for repairs ASAP.

Extra Bumpy Ride

Suspension absorbs shock from the road, so the most obvious sign of a damaged suspension is if your ride is bumpy and you feel every shock from the road. Suspension problems are more noticeable on rougher roads, so you will notice the problem the most on dirt and gravel roads.

Drifting to One Side

Your vehicle drifting to one side of the road when driving is another of the most common symptoms of suspension damage. Other culprits could be a deflated tire or an unaligned steering column, so check those systems first before deciding the problem is your suspension system.

Car Sags or Leans

Similarly, a broken or worn suspension can cause your car to lean or sag when turning or braking. Your car might buck forward when breaking or lean to the side when turning. You can test the suspension by pressing down on the front of your car and releasing it. If it bounces more than three times, your suspension is probably on its way out.

Dirty Shock Absorbers

When in proper working order, your suspension shock absorbers should be dry. If your shock absorbers are dirty with oil or other fluids, you should take your car to a mechanic.

Difficulty Steering

If it is hard to turn your steering wheel even at low speeds, the problem could be your suspension or steering column. Check your steering column to tighten any loose connections, and be aware of any squealing or grinding sounds.

Auto Body Repair in Tucson

So, how do you know if your suspension is damaged? Just look for signs of an unsmooth ride. Feel free to read our blog to learn about how air bags protect you, and if you need professional auto body repair, contact Formula 1 Collision online or call today at (520) 369-4291!

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