can you drive with a broken bumper

Can You Drive with a Broken Bumper? (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Being at the front of your car, your bumper is susceptible to damage. If you have ever had a low-speed collision, you will probably have experienced a damaged bumper. You may wonder if you can still drive on a broken bumper. Today, the crew at Formula 1 Collision Center is here to answer the question, “can you drive with a broken bumper?”.

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Can You Drive with a Broken Bumper?

The short answer is “yes.” Technically, you can still drive with a broken bumper. However, it can be dangerous driving with a broken bumper. Driving with a broken bumper can cause damage to other parts of your car. A broken bumper will also make your car ride less comfortable and more difficult to handle. 

What Does a Car’s Bumper Do?

Your car’s bumper exists to protect the front of your car from collisions and absorb forces that can damage your car’s body and engine. The shape and location of the bumper means that it can absorb the brunt of the impact if you get into a collision, instead of your car’s tires, hood, or body. 

A Damaged Bumper Makes Your Car Less Safe

Smaller dings or dents in your bumper are not a huge deal, but if you are in a low-speed collision and your bumper has large dents or cracks in it, you should get a bumper replacement as soon as possible. 

A damaged bumper makes you less safe because it won’t be as effective at absorbing the next impact. If you have a damaged bumper and get into another accident, the damage might be significantly more than it would be if your bumper wasn’t broken. For instance, a collision with a lamp post with a broken bumper can completely total your car by smashing the hood and the engine block. 

Broken bumpers can also pose a safety hazard to other drivers. Vibration and shock from driving can cause the broken bumper to fall off your car, which can hit other drivers behind you. Lastly, a damaged bumper cannot absorb shock as well, so injuries during car accidents are more likely. 

Repair or Replace My Bumper

Whether or not you need bumper repairs or bumper replacements depends on the scope of the damage. You can repair small cracks and dings on the front or rear bumpers, but large cracks that go up the entire bumper height will require replacement. Your auto body technician should be able to identify whether replacement or repair is the optimal solution. 

Auto Collision Repair

So can you drive with a broken bumper? Even though you can drive with a broken bumper, you shouldn’t. Call an expert for repairs. Formula 1 Collision Center has over 40 years of experience providing bumper replacement and auto body repairs. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and dedication to customer service. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own!

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