what is considered frame damage on a car

What Is Considered Frame Damage on a Car?

Modern car frames tend to be robust and reliable. Vehicle frame damage still affects countless cars, however. Learn about what is considered frame damage on a car from the experts at Formula 1 Collision Center, as they provide the best auto body shop services in Tucson.

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What Is a Car Frame?

Before answering the question, “What is considered frame damage on a car?” it’s worth understanding what car frames are. Car frames are the foundation upon which the rest of the car depends on. Car frames use either aluminum or steel for their construction.

Car frames perform multiple vital roles. They support the vehicle’s weight and protect passengers from external threats. Most of all, the frame provides the car’s mechanical and electrical components with much-needed support.

Car frames come in two varieties: unibody and body-on-frame. Unibody vehicles feature a frame that is part of the car body itself. Body-on-frame vehicles, on the other hand, use two separate parts that, while connected, are not the same. 

What Counts as Frame Damage?

What is considered frame damage on a car? The answer depends on the type of vehicle. Damage to body-on-frame vehicles occurs when intense force damages the frame rail on the side of the car or any other part of the vehicle.

The extent of the damage varies with body-on-frame vehicles. Typically, the worst type of damage occurs due to an intense side impact, such as a T-bone accident.

A unibody car has frame damage when similar impacts affect the body of the car. However, since these vehicles feature a body and frame that are one and the same, damage can occur more often, such as when the front or rear of the car experiences an impact.

Driving With Frame Damage

Some vehicles with a minor bent frame or other small issues may be safe to drive. Problems that appear to be small may, in reality, be much worse. 

Ask yourself: if you were to get into another accident, would you be safe? Cars with damaged structures can’t safely withstand impacts.

How to Check for Frame Damage

Whether you’ve been in an accident or not, you can check for frame damage by inspecting your vehicle. Look for minor scratches and dents. Are there any visible signs of damage?

If you hear any strange noises or feel strange vibrations while operating the vehicle, your frame could be damaged. Some vehicles struggle to handle high speeds with a damaged frame. Contact a repair shop as soon as possible if you suspect a damaged frame.

Learn More Facts About Car Frame Damage

Although you now understand what is considered frame damage on a car, you need experts you can trust. Formula 1 Collision Center can repair your car. If you need automotive frame straightening or other repair services, call us at (520) 369-4291.

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