how long does it take to replace a car door

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Car Door?

Car doors typically work flawlessly, giving you easy access to your beloved vehicle. Car doors can fail from time to time, however. You can learn why your car door isn’t opening and closing and how long it takes to replace a bad car door from Formula 1 Collision Center, the collision repair experts in Tucson

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The Replacement Process

How long does it take to replace a car door? Typically, the repair process itself takes several hours or even an entire day. Replacing a door involves multiple steps, each requiring a considerable amount of time.

First, repair experts have to remove the old door, loosening any screws to unbolt the door from the car frame. This process also involves detaching heaps of electrical cables from the door. 

Attaching the new door takes time as well. Car technicians usually connect the door to the car’s electrical system before mounting the door in place. Installing a new door also requires ensuring compliance with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Average Cost to Replace a Car Door

When asking, “How long does it take to replace a car door?” it’s worth considering how much it costs to replace one. Oftentimes, the length of time mechanics need to replace a car door affects the overall cost. The more parts and labor time needed to install a door, the more you’ll have to pay.

The cost of replacing a car door may vary, but typically, it ranges from $500 to $1500. 

Other Factors That Affect Replacement Time

While the repair process may only take up to a day to finish, repair times often extend beyond a day because of other factors. A repair shop may have to wait for specialty components to arrive in stock, and issues with local repair demand can cause delays.

Repair shops stock certain parts, such as tires and hubcaps. However, replacement doors and other associated components, such as electrical wires and handles, may require the shop to order parts directly from the manufacturer. Waiting for these parts to arrive can take days or even weeks.

You may have to wait for car repairs if a repair shop has a backlog of customers. Sometimes, intense weather conditions, such as tornados and hurricanes, damage scores of vehicles within a given area. If there are scores of other customers interested in repairing their vehicles, you may have to wait longer for service.

Learn More About Replacing a Car Door

You now know the answer to the question, “How long does it take to replace a car door?” However, you need auto repair experts you can trust to get the job done. Formula 1 Collision Center can help you replace a car door.

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