the future of collision repair

Understanding the Future of Collision Repair

We can expect aspects of the automotive industry to change with current technological advances. To understand the future of collision repair, we need to understand some of these shifts.

Our Formula 1 Collision Center team stays alert to new developments in collision repair services in Tucson, AZ, and nearby cities. As we continue to grow in the industry, we note these changes and adapt to them so you can have top-quality care. What can you expect in the future with new vehicular developments?

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The Expense Bubble: High Costs for Quality Care

Advances like self-driving options, charging ports for electric vehicles, and updated GPS systems can make driving safer, cleaner, and more efficient than in previous years. However, the increase in electrical and technological additions means the collision repair industry must keep up with new repair procedures.

These electrical components cost a lot of money because they often involve many minuscule parts. Your GPS, gas monitoring system, or even how the car turns on can rely on these parts. Moreover, the increase in physical labor causes electrical components to be more expensive. 

These circumstances add up to costly repair procedures that go beyond a visit to the body shop.

Growing Knowledge Gap in the Repair Industry

With vehicles growing more complex, the future of collision repair technicians becomes murkier as they try to keep up with new developments. A small repair company in suburban or rural Arizona likely won’t have the same resources as more popular service providers. After all, the demand for these complex services tends to be lower in some areas.

But now, more complex vehicles are becoming more popular and spreading into these smaller areas. Repair technicians must adapt and learn how to use these systems, but some may never be able to.

Without the knowledge, smaller companies must ship complex vehicles to areas with more resources, inflating consumer repair costs. Smaller groups find themselves in a Catch-22 where they can’t afford to learn the new resources because they don’t have them. As Wired indicates, the knowledge gap has begun to kill traditional auto repair practices and efficiency.

How to Fix It

We fix the future of collision repair services by adapting to new technology once we recognize its continued use. Waiting too late can mean being left behind by the economy, so technicians should always continue learning. We must become technical and electrical experts.

No person can know everything, so we should also utilize new technology to close the gaps in our knowledge. Some options include AI damage assessments, business networking to cover gaps in each other’s knowledge, or obtaining specialized licensing. Technicians can then find ways to reduce repair costs and expenses, making services more affordable.

Update Your Ride With Formula 1 Collision Center

At Formula 1 Collision Center, we stay up-to-date on new technological advances and the future of collision repair in and around Tucson, AZ. We know the benefits of visiting an auto shop specializing in computerized repairs, so we always learn more to meet your needs. Call 520-369-4291 for top-quality auto repair services in Tucson.

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