How to Identify the Different Kinds of Windshield Rock Chips

If you were recently cruising calmly down the road and then all of a sudden—wham!—a rock shot up and chipped your windshield, then you’ll want to act quickly to get the damage repaired. When the repairs are delayed, the chip is liable to grow to the size that the windshield needs to be replaced.

When choosing where to get rock chip repair, it’s best to go to an established shop, rather than some pop-up roadside tent. This way you can trust that the repairs are being done by a true professional who can be held accountable for the quality of their work. Here’s a look at five tips on how to identify different types of rock chips.

Star Chip

This chip has lines streaking out from the impact point. If left unrepaired, the star chip is especially prone to spreading outward to the extent that full windshield replacement becomes required.

Half Moon

This chip’s crescent-like shape is caused by an object hitting the windshield at an sideways trajectory, and can be one of the more difficult rock chips to fix.

Bullseye Break

The bullseye break has rings that surround a central point of impact. In most cases this type of chip is easily repairable.

Combo Rock Chip

A combination chip has features of two or more of the aforementioned rock chips. For these chips, the complexity of the repair can individually vary.

Windshield Crack

An ignored rock chip can turn into a large crack. When a crack is more than three inches long, there is a good chance windshield replacement will be needed.

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