What steps should be taken following a car accident?

In the wake of an accident, the most important thing is that nobody has suffered any kind of serious injury. Then, after the dust has settled, you’ll need to find a collision center that you can trust to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition—and will do so at a reasonable rate. Here’s a look at five steps to take following an auto accident.

Check for Injuries

Immediately after the collision, the primary focus should be on checking on the well-being of all passengers. In some cases, the shock brought on by the accident can make it hard to identify injuries right away. Instead, the injuries may become apparent a bit later. So, if it feels like there is even a slight chance of an injury, it’s best to play it safe and seek out medical attention to have the matter checked out.

Call the Police

The police can play a central role in determining who was at fault. Also, the police report itself could end up serving as useful evidence.

Collect and Store Evidence

As long as your physical state allows, in the aftermath of the accident it’s a good idea to immediately take pictures of any damage, as well as driver’s licenses and any other documents that could be needed to help ensure proper payment at a later date.

Contact Insurance

Ideally, you’ll be in a position to do this while still at the scene of the accident, which will allow the insurance agent to make sure that you haven’t forgotten to document anything before leaving. Then, you’ll send it all over to the insurance company and they’ll use the documentation in making their determinations.

Bring Vehicle to a Reputable Auto Body Shop

You’re permitted to bring your vehicle wherever you’d like, and you don’t have to take your car to the shop suggested by your insurance. In making your choice, you’ll want to choose a shop that has a demonstrable track record of providing top-quality repairs and excellent customer service.

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