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Towing Dilemmas: Can You Call a Tow Truck on Someone Else’s Vehicle?

You’re probably familiar with signs outside local establishments indicating that you risk getting your car towed if you violate parking guidelines. Such signs help deter non-customers from parking outside a particular business for extended periods, but can you call a tow truck on someone else’s car?

In this blog post, a team from Formula 1 Collision Center, the best auto body shop in Tucson, offers insights on when it’s legal to call a tow company on another person’s vehicle. Contact us at 520-369-4291 if you have any questions or need to schedule a service.

Towing a Car Parked on Private Property

Suppose someone else’s car is blocking your driveway or parked anywhere on your property without permission. In such situations, the law allows you to call a tow truck to take the vehicle away. There’s a catch, however – you can only do this if you live on a residential property with not more than four housing units on-site. 

In the case of multi-family residential properties, you’ll need to inform your property manager about any unauthorized vehicles, and they’ll take appropriate action. 

On non-residential private properties, it pays to place signs near parking lots to warn drivers against violating applicable parking rules. When you have such signs and expressly outline parking rules, you have the right to tow a vehicle violating any defined regulations. 

However, if you have no signage, you should wait at least 24 hours before calling a towing company to remove the offending vehicle. 

Towing an Unauthorized Vehicle on Public Property

Can you call a tow truck on someone else’s vehicle on public property? The simple answer is no. If you see a vehicle violating parking rules in a public space, you should inform a public official so they can call for emergency towing.

Vehicles parked on public property without authorization are under the public officials’ or local law enforcement’s jurisdiction. It’s important to tow any car that is creating a safety hazard or obstructing traffic as quickly as possible.

You can also inform the authorities of any vehicle parked without authorization in a public parking garage or parking lot so they can arrange for towing immediately.  Drivers who leave their vehicles in lots reserved for use by visitors to public facilities may also be subject to immediate towing. 

Get Professional Towing Services From Formula 1 Collision Center

Can you call a tow truck on someone else’s car? The answer will depend on whether the vehicle is on private or public property. Generally, you can call a tow company on a vehicle parked on your property without your permission. 

For unauthorized vehicles on public property, you’ll need to inform the relevant authority, and they can take appropriate action. If you need reliable towing services in Tucson, AZ, or surrounding areas, talk to the experts at Formula 1 Collision Center. 

Call us at 520-369-4291 for an estimate and to learn about the types of towing services we offer.

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