how long does spray paint last on a car

How Long Does Spray Paint Last on a Car?

How long does spray paint last on a car? Whether you’re sprucing up an old beater or adding a vibrant new color to your luxury car, you might want to know about the longevity of the finish.

As the go-to car paint shop in Arizona, our team at Formula 1 Collision Center understands the importance of refreshing cars. Keep reading as our specialists cover the ins and outs of spray-painted coatings. If your car needs a repair, give us a call at 520-369-4291.

Temper Your Expectations

Don’t expect spritzes from a few spray cans to last more than a few years. While it can serve as an affordable, quick fix, you will likely save more in the long run by letting an expert handle it. 

You may also run into a few snafus like:

  • Uneven coloring and splotchy finishes
  • Paint flaking over time
  • The potential onset of rust due to inadequate preparation or sealing
  • Possible vehicle damage from incompatible paint types or improper application techniques

Paint Quality Matters

If you still want to handle this task yourself, never skimp on the product. Bargain paints might seem like a steal, but they’re not worth the hassle.

Old paints are also a no-go. Unopened cans have a two to 10-year lifespan, depending on the type. Check the manufacturer’s expiration date and instructions to ensure you’re not setting yourself up for a disaster.

Spray Painting With Opened Cans

Once you’ve cracked open a can of paint, the clock starts ticking. A good rule of thumb is to halve the manufacturer’s shelf-life. If you want to preserve the remaining paint for future fixes, seal the can tightly and store it in a cool, dry place with zero UV exposure.

The Professionals Difference

How long does spray paint last on a car when experts apply it? Paint jobs can last 10 to 15 years with proper care, and they look uniformly smooth, with a sheen that at-home finishes struggle to emulate.

Auto shops do this by following an exhaustive process:

  • Inspection: Every job starts with a detailed assessment of the vehicle’s condition. This evaluation helps identify any potential rust spots, dents, or imperfections that could hamper the final finish. 
  • Preparation: Experts sand the surface and remove the old finish to create an ideal canvas. They also apply a high-quality primer to ensure the paint adheres perfectly
  • Execution: Commercial-grade spray guns, combined with professional techniques, deliver an evenly distributed, consistent color throughout the vehicle. The final coat of paint provides the desired sheen.
  • Polishing: Once the layers dry, professionals buff the vehicle meticulously. This process brings out a gleaming, mirror-like finish that turns heads. 

Leave Your Car Care to the Pros

How long does spray paint last on a car? Is a few years worth the potential headaches? Properly painting a car involves more than pushing the spray button; it’s a delicate dance of precision, patience, and professional know-how.

Call 520-369-4291 and watch our crew at Formula 1 Collision Center work their magic! Explore more of our blog and learn more about paint correction.

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