does repainting a car devalue it

Does Repainting a Car Devalue It?

Does repainting a car devalue it on a trade-in or used vehicle market? To get the best deal for a car you sell, you have to factor in everything from the vehicle’s make to its exterior. So, if you’re considering a new color for your car, truck, or SUV, this is a legitimate concern.

As the best auto body shop in Tucson, AZ, Formula 1 Collision Center has over four decades of experience working with car owners to transform their vehicles. Here, they explain why even if you want to make your vehicle look amazing, changing car colors can affect its resale value. If you’d like to book a car paint job after reading below, the team would love to help!


Several factors determine whether repainting a car devalues it, including authenticity. You might think you’re giving your car a custom look. However, altering its original color will often affect its resale value. 

One reason is that most car buyers prefer to be one of the first owners of the vehicle. If they purchase a pre-owned car, they’re more trusting if it appears in its original condition. Perhaps, this reassures them of less chance the owner has covered over an accident. 

Also, changing a car’s color is a clear indicator that the vehicle has exchanged hands multiple times.

Production Colors 

Do you have a popular car model in a generic color, yet that particular model has a small number of cars in a rare shade? Repainting that vehicle in the rare color could improve its resale value.


Sometimes, repainting a car requires specific bodywork repairs to ensure the new paint job looks good and lasts a long time. For example, a car with dents or dings in its bodywork would need sanding and dent repair before technicians can apply paint. Otherwise, your car’s new paint job could look patchy and unattractive.

If you’re trying to sell the car, improving the bodywork could be beneficial.


When you buy a new car off a lot, you could inadvertently void its warranties by modifying the vehicle. That includes giving the car a new color. If so, you could be responsible for the costs to fix problems that a warranty would otherwise cover.

Vehicle Type

Has your car sustained damage to its original paint job from an accident? A custom paint job can repair it. However, you could dramatically devalue the vehicle if you choose the wrong color.

For example, flashy sports cars with bright colors have a higher resale value than those in neutral colors. SUVs and trucks in neutral tones have a better resale value than those in bold ones. 

Turn to Formula 1 Collision Center for Your Vehicle’s Paint Job 

So, does repainting a car devalue it? It can, but Formula 1 Collision Center still strives for perfection on every custom paint job project in Tucson, AZ. Our crew of certified car refinish technicians can handle anything, thanks to multiple certifications to provide top-tier car paint color applications.

Find out more about our high-performance auto-coating systems for an immaculate finish–request an appointment with Formula 1 Collision Center at (520) 369-4291 today!

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