how do you know if your suspension is damaged

How Do You Know If Your Suspension Is Damaged?

Your car’s suspension is one of its most important components and ensures a smooth ride across different terrains. Damaged suspension can seriously damage your car, so identifying suspension damage and fixing it should be a priority. But how do you know if your suspension is damaged? Read on to learn the tell-tale signs of damaged suspension in your car.

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What Does Your Car’s Suspension Do?

Car suspension is a series of springs and levers that work to keep the tires in contact with the road as much as possible. Your suspension system absorbs the shock from the road so that your tires don’t bounce and you can drive smoothly. The suspension is part of the chassis on the bottom of your car and is located on both the front and back tires.

Signs Your Suspension Is Damaged

Recognizing suspension issues and suspension damage indicators is incredibly important from a car safety standpoint. If you notice any of the following suspension damage signs, contact a professional auto body shop for repairs ASAP.

Extra Bumpy Ride

Suspension absorbs shock from the road, so the most obvious sign of a damaged suspension is if your ride is bumpy and you feel every shock from the road. Suspension problems are more noticeable on rougher roads, so you will notice the problem the most on dirt and gravel roads.

Drifting to One Side

Your vehicle drifting to one side of the road when driving is another of the most common symptoms of suspension damage. Other culprits could be a deflated tire or an unaligned steering column, so check those systems first before deciding the problem is your suspension system.

Car Sags or Leans

Similarly, a broken or worn suspension can cause your car to lean or sag when turning or braking. Your car might buck forward when breaking or lean to the side when turning. You can test the suspension by pressing down on the front of your car and releasing it. If it bounces more than three times, your suspension is probably on its way out.

Dirty Shock Absorbers

When in proper working order, your suspension shock absorbers should be dry. If your shock absorbers are dirty with oil or other fluids, you should take your car to a mechanic.

Difficulty Steering

If it is hard to turn your steering wheel even at low speeds, the problem could be your suspension or steering column. Check your steering column to tighten any loose connections, and be aware of any squealing or grinding sounds.

Auto Body Repair in Tucson

So, how do you know if your suspension is damaged? Just look for signs of an unsmooth ride. Feel free to read our blog to learn about how air bags protect you, and if you need professional auto body repair, contact Formula 1 Collision online or call today at (520) 369-4291!

auto glass replacement cost

How Much Does Auto Glass Replacement Cost in Tucson?

Having clear, unblemished car windows is essential for driving safely. However, rocks, twigs, and other road debris can damage your windshield and significantly hinder your vision. Although a small chip or crack isn’t usually a cause for concern, severe auto glass fissures often require a replacement. 

Unfortunately, many Tucson residents don’t know how much auto glass replacement costs or how repair shops determine the price. That’s why our team at Formula 1 Collision Center is here to explain the average rate of windshield replacement. 

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How Much Does Windshield Replacement Cost?

Windshields are essential yet often underappreciated vehicle features that protect you from debris, the natural elements, and other road hazards while driving. Although windshields can withstand mild impacts and weather without issue, they can only take so much damage before becoming a safety hazard. However, figuring out how much auto glass replacement costs isn’t easy since various factors affect pricing.

Everything from your vehicle model to the type of glass it needs impacts the service’s rate. For example, replacing an older car’s windshield is often much cheaper than replacing auto glass in a modern vehicle with numerous advanced features.

That said, most vehicle owners pay between $350 to $550 for auto glass replacement.

Factors That Affect Windshield Replacement Costs

Replacing the windshield is more complex than many Arizona residents realize, especially on high-tech modern cars. Below are some factors that affect auto glass replacement costs.

Driver Assistance Features

Many modern vehicles have driver assistance features like lane-keeping systems and adaptive cruise control that help drivers travel safely. Once a mechanic replaces the cracked windshield, they have to recalibrate the car’s sensors and cameras for these features to function correctly. This significantly increases the service’s cost, adding up to $400 more to your bill.

Type of Glass

Most repair shops offer two types of windshields:

  • OE (original equipment) glass
  • Aftermarket glass

OE glass comes from your vehicle’s manufacturer, while third-party manufacturers develop aftermarket glass. Original equipment windshields typically carry a higher price than aftermarket varieties since they often consist of higher-quality materials. It’s best to assess the pros and cons of both OE and aftermarket windshields to determine the best variation for your vehicle and budget.

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does repainting a car devalue it

Does Repainting a Car Devalue It?

Does repainting a car devalue it on a trade-in or used vehicle market? To get the best deal for a car you sell, you have to factor in everything from the vehicle’s make to its exterior. So, if you’re considering a new color for your car, truck, or SUV, this is a legitimate concern.

As the best auto body shop in Tucson, AZ, Formula 1 Collision Center has over four decades of experience working with car owners to transform their vehicles. Here, they explain why even if you want to make your vehicle look amazing, changing car colors can affect its resale value. If you’d like to book a car paint job after reading below, the team would love to help!


Several factors determine whether repainting a car devalues it, including authenticity. You might think you’re giving your car a custom look. However, altering its original color will often affect its resale value. 

One reason is that most car buyers prefer to be one of the first owners of the vehicle. If they purchase a pre-owned car, they’re more trusting if it appears in its original condition. Perhaps, this reassures them of less chance the owner has covered over an accident. 

Also, changing a car’s color is a clear indicator that the vehicle has exchanged hands multiple times.

Production Colors 

Do you have a popular car model in a generic color, yet that particular model has a small number of cars in a rare shade? Repainting that vehicle in the rare color could improve its resale value.


Sometimes, repainting a car requires specific bodywork repairs to ensure the new paint job looks good and lasts a long time. For example, a car with dents or dings in its bodywork would need sanding and dent repair before technicians can apply paint. Otherwise, your car’s new paint job could look patchy and unattractive.

If you’re trying to sell the car, improving the bodywork could be beneficial.


When you buy a new car off a lot, you could inadvertently void its warranties by modifying the vehicle. That includes giving the car a new color. If so, you could be responsible for the costs to fix problems that a warranty would otherwise cover.

Vehicle Type

Has your car sustained damage to its original paint job from an accident? A custom paint job can repair it. However, you could dramatically devalue the vehicle if you choose the wrong color.

For example, flashy sports cars with bright colors have a higher resale value than those in neutral colors. SUVs and trucks in neutral tones have a better resale value than those in bold ones. 

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can damaged alloy wheels be repaired

Can Damaged Alloy Wheels Be Repaired?

Alloy wheels have experienced a surge in popularity over the last decade or so. They enhance your vehicle’s appearance while providing several performance benefits that take it to the next level. However, sometimes alloy wheels experience damage and leave many car owners wondering, “Can damaged alloy wheels be repaired?”

That’s why Formula 1 Collision Center is here to teach you everything you need to know about alloy wheel repair so you can fix your wheels and get back on the road.

Formula 1 Collision Center is Tucson, AZ’s number one collision repair and auto body refinishing service. We’ve been fixing and maintaining vehicles for over 40 years and can handle any repair project you throw our way, regardless of complexity. If you want first-class collision repair services in Tucson, AZ, at fair and affordable prices, contact Formula 1 Collision Center.

Can You Repair Alloy Wheels?

Although alloy wheels are stronger than traditional stock variations, they are still prone to damage. Deep potholes, curb rash, and other road hazards can damage alloy wheels and reduce their appearance, performance, and overall quality. So, can damaged alloy wheels be repaired?

Fortunately, experienced mechanics can repair alloy wheels and restore their functionality. However, some damage is easier and less costly to repair than others. For example, resolving alloy wheel scratches is much easier than fixing a bent wheel.

Always ensure fixing your alloy wheel is worth the investment before committing to the service. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to replace the entire wheel than spending hundreds or more on repairs.

Repairable Alloy Wheel Damage

Understanding the type of alloy wheel damage you can repair will help you determine if it’s best to fix or replace your wheels. Below are some types of alloy wheel damage mechanics can repair.


Alloy wheels experience scratches for various reasons. Fortunately, mechanics can eliminate scratches and return your wheels to their original state.


Rocks, curbs, and careless drivers can dent your alloy wheels and hinder their performance and allure. However, wheel specialists use specialized equipment and heating processes to make alloy dents a thing of the past, restoring their structure, balance, and more.


Although experienced auto body specialists can repair bent alloy wheels, it’s very strenuous and often carries a high price. Consider getting an estimate before taking your vehicle to the mechanics and compare it with replacement prices to determine the better solution.

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tiny rust spots on car

Dealing With Tiny Rust Spots on Car: What Should You Do?

Nicks, dings, and scratches can cause tiny rust spots on your car and lead to major damage to your vehicle if left untreated. Learn how to remove rust from your car by following these step-by-step instructions from the best auto body shop in Tucson, Formula 1 Collision Center.

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Why You Should Address Surface Rust Promptly

Surface rust exists on the outer layer of your car’s body panels along the protective layer of your vehicle’s paint coating. If you notice signs of rust, treat it as soon as possible to prevent the corrosion process from advancing. Rust can penetrate deep through your vehicle’s metal which sometimes requires professionals to replace entire body panels.

How to Treat Surface Rust Areas on Your Car

To remove surface rust from your car, you will need the following tools: 

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Plastic sheet
  • Painter’s tape
  • Grease remover
  • Sandpaper (between 180- and 600-grit)
  • Protective sealant
  • Automotive paint (matching your car’s color)

Step #1: Prepare Your Workspace

Before removing the tiny rust spots on your car, start by preparing your workspace. Put on any safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, and dust mask, then use plastic sheeting to cover the area around the rusted portion of your vehicle. Leave an opening at least six inches wide around the affected area and secure the plastic in place with the painter’s tape. 

Step #2: Cleaning the Surface

With the corroded portion now framed, you can now clean the surface of the rusted area. Remove any dirt, dust, and residue using wax and grease remover. This will prevent contamination of the metal during the sanding process.   

Step #3: Sanding the Rust

Take your sandpaper or grinding disc and sand the surface rust away using gentle circular motions. Make sure to sand the area around the rust as well. This will effectively remove the paint from the corroded portion of your vehicle and expose the shiny metal base underneath. 

Step #4: Applying Sealant or Primer 

After sanding, clear all dust from the metal with a microfiber cloth and clean the area with degreaser again. You can now apply protective sealant or primer to the repaired area. A protective sealant acts as a primer and prevents the chemical reactions that cause surface rust

Step #5: Applying Automotive Paint

Once your primer has dried, clean the area with grease remover again. You can now buff the repaired area with a microfiber cloth and apply your automotive paint that matches your car’s color. 

Wait 30 days before washing and waxing your car. This allows adequate time for your car to completely cure and is the most important step in maintaining your vehicle’s new paint job.

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busted tail light

Why You Need to Fix Your Busted Tail Light Right Away

A broken tail light is not only an annoyance; it can also pose a significant safety hazard. As such, it’s in your best interest to replace a broken tail light as soon as possible. The team at Formula 1 Collision Center is here to talk about why fixing a busted tail light right away is the best decision. 

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Broken Tail Light Increase the Risk of Accidents

Above all, driving with a broken tail light can significantly increase the risk of accidents. Tail lights exist to tell other drivers when you apply the brakes and slow down. If your tail light is broken, there is a real risk that other drivers won’t register when you hit the brakes and may cause a rear-end accident. Getting rear-ended can cause mild to major injuries—replacing your busted tail light keeps you safe. 

Driving with a Broken Tail Light Is Against the Law

Additionally, driving with a broken tail light in Arizona is a traffic violation and is against the law. While you most likely won’t get hauled off to jail, you can incur a hefty fine if a police officer pulls you over for a broken tail light or broken tail light cover. A cracked tail light cover can emit white light, and brake lights are supposed to be red. 

Causes of Broken Tail Lights

Below are some of the most common causes of broken tail lights we encounter in Tucson, AZ. 

Bad Fuse

A defective fuse is one of the most common causes of a broken tail light. You can find the fuse box of your car under its hood to assess the problem. Follow the instructions in your car’s user manual to change the bad fuse. 

Burnt Out Bulb

Tail light bulbs can also burn out after time and use. The average tail light lasts about five or six years, though other electrical problems can cause them to burn out earlier. LED tail light bulbs have nearly double the average lifespan. Fortunately, changing a burnt-out tail light bulb is a very simple process you can do at home. 

Broken Light Socket

One final cause of a broken tail light is a busted tail light socket. Sockets can degrade from corrosion and moisture, or they can suffer a short circuit. You can test light sockets with a handheld multimeter. If you are not sure of the cause of the malfunction, take your car to an auto mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue. 

Collision Repair Experts in Tucson, AZ

No matter if you scratched your car or have car problems after a rear-end collision, we can assist. Formula 1 Collision Center has over 40 years of experience serving homeowners in Tucson and the surrounding areas. We offer lifetime warranties on our services, so you can always have peace of mind with our work. 

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How to Tell if You Need Auto Body Refinishing

Did you know that the United States sees about six million car accidents in one year on average? Car accidents not only cause injuries but also require collision repairs to be performed. Accidents aren’t the only reason a vehicle owner like yourself may need auto body refinishing services, though. Here are a few telltale signs that you need auto body refinishing from a trusted car auto body shop near me.


It doesn’t matter where you live; the weather will always affect the appearance and value of your vehicle. Warmer weather can cause bubbles to appear in your car’s paint job, while road salt that is common in colder weather conditions can also affect your auto body paint. In both instances, rust can build up and affect the look of your car. If you see rust, contact a reliable car auto body shop near me right away.


Despite the age of your car, wear and tear happen. Peeling is a common result of a vehicle sitting outside during all sorts of weather conditions, as many people don’t have garages to protect their cars during the sunny summer or the freezing winter. Thankfully, if you notice peeling on your vehicle, you can take it to the best auto body shop in your area. There, an experienced mechanic can inspect your vehicle for body damage as well as peeling paint.


Unfortunately, not every driver is vigilant when it comes to opening their car door or trunk. You may notice scratches on your car due to another driver’s carelessness. If this happens to you, you want to get the scratches fixed right away to avoid further damage. Be sure to contact a dependable car auto body shop near me for quality auto body refinishing services.


If your vehicle is on the older side, you may notice that the auto paint is fading. If you want a fresh look for your car, consider taking it to a trusted mechanic so they can perform a proper painting and refinishing job.

As a vehicle owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your car in mint condition. Quality auto body refinishing services from a car auto body shop near me can make your car look good as new in no time. Contact Formula 1 Collision Center today to learn more!

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