how long does auto body repair take

How Long Does a Full Auto Body Repair Take?

Do you have some body damage on your car and wonder how long it will take to fix? Auto body repair times can vary significantly depending on several factors. To help you out, the team at Formula 1 Collision Center aims to answer the question, “How long does auto body repair take?”

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How Long Does a Full Auto Body Repair Take?

So, how long does auto body repair take? Unfortunately, you won’t find one single answer to this question. Auto body repair can take a day or two, or it can take multiple weeks—it all depends on the specifics of the job. The time it takes to repair varies depending on several factors, including some of those below:

  • The extent of the damage. A dented fender will take less time to repair than a crumpled hood from a car accident.
  • Type of car. Some vehicles, like foreign import cars, require special parts and technicians, so repairs usually take longer. It will take longer to fix cars that require proprietary or less available parts. 
  • Current shop activity. The busier a particular auto body repair shop is, the longer it might take to pencil in your repairs.
  • Insurance process. If you run repairs through your insurance, the auto body shop will need to wait until they get final approval for repairs, which could take longer depending on how soon you start the insurance claims process.

Regardless of what kind of body repair you need, you should plan extra time on your schedule in case they take longer than initially expected. 

Estimating Auto Body Repair Times

One way to estimate how long auto body repair will take requires basing it on the quoted price. As a general rule of thumb, you can assume about one week of auto body work for every $1,000 the shop quotes. 

So, if a mechanic gives you a $2,000 quote for the job, you can expect it to take about two weeks to fix your car. Of course, this estimate depends on a number of factors, including whether they perform the repairs properly, whether they notice any hidden damage, and whether they have the necessary replacement parts available. 

Consider the following repair estimate for a few common auto body repair jobs:

  • Side door: 1–2 weeks
  • Hood: 4–6 weeks
  • Bumper: 1–2 weeks
  • Windshield: 1–2 weeks
  • Rear body: 4–8 weeks

Note that these times are just estimates and that actual times might vary depending on the type of car, the extent of the damage, the car’s maintenance condition, and repair scheduling. 

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