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What Causes Collisions: Top Four Reasons

Whether you’re at the receiving end of a collision or were found at fault for one, you might wonder what causes collisions. As Tucson’s collision repair professionals, we advise you to contact us at (520) 369-4291 for a free estimate on collision repairs. Next, you can continue reading to learn more about what causes collisions. 

Some collisions occur due to bad weather or unforeseen mechanical mishaps. But the main reason has to do with the person in the driver’s seat. 

Reason #1: Drunk Drivers

When someone drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can cause disastrous consequences for anyone involved. An impaired driver can’t gauge their surroundings properly. They also can’t react to things as quickly as they would sober. 

This can cause serious rear-end accidents and other types of collisions. An impaired driver won’t stop as quickly. They may also not register your car’s appearance at all at night.

Reason #2: Aggressive Drivers

You can’t answer the question, “What causes collisions?” without mentioning aggressive drivers.

You may have noticed that road rage has been all the rage within the past couple of years. While traffic commonly causes a short temper in many people, the anger has amplified recently.  If a rear driver thinks you drive too slow for their taste, they can follow behind too closely or distract themselves with angry gestures. 

Sometimes, aggressive drivers will speed up and tailgate your vehicle. If you have to stop short for any reason, the rear vehicle will collide with your car. In such cases, you may need an accident lawyer to ensure you get full compensation for their bad attitude. 

Reason #3: Distracted Drivers

Many things can distract drivers. Sometimes, they pay too much attention to their phone screens. Other times, they rubberneck to look at something in the distance.

In either case, they often fail to register the circumstances in front of them, leading to accidents.

If you stop at a traffic light or stop sign, the distracted driver could run into your vehicle.  If their vehicle hits hard enough, the rear-end collisions can cause airbags to deploy. After ensuring everyone is safe, you need to get information about the other driver’s insurance company in this situation.

Reason #4: Sleepy Drivers

Most people are familiar with long shifts or a lack of sleep. However, they usually avoid driving when they can’t keep their eyes open.

Sometimes, a driver falls asleep at the wheel. When they fall asleep, they lose complete control of their vehicle.

Several scenarios may follow. For example, they could T-bone other drivers, drive into a ditch, or even hit a person on the side of the road. While you can probably relate to sleepy drivers, they can be as deadly as drunk drivers. 

Discover the Perfect Formula for Seamless Collision Repairs

Altogether, an irresponsible driver is what causes collisions. If you had a brush with such a driver, our reliable collision repair process gets you driving again quickly. Call us at (520) 369-4291 to schedule your free estimate today.

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