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Should You Get Car Repair Insurance?

Car owners opt for car repair insurance for several reasons. For example, it helps cover your vehicle in the event of unexpected repairs. However, you still may be left wondering how car repair insurance works or what it may cover in the event of an accident.

Keep reading for more information on car repair insurance to consider how it may help with repairs. Then, call Tucson’s best auto body shop, Formula 1 Collision Center, at 520-369-4291 in case of needed car repairs. 

What Is Car Repair Insurance?

Car repair insurance is an add-on from your insurance company that covers mechanical and electrical repairs on your car. 

Typical car insurance policies protect drivers and their cars during accidents. However, the extent of insurance coverage depends on if you have bumper-to-bumper coverage or more comprehensive coverage.

Car repair insurance is different than general insurance. It’s an additional service that helps you pay for general and manufacturer repairs that cars experience from time to time.

For example, if your car engine requires attention, not due to an accident, you can file a claim with your repair insurance. Then, an agent will inform you if the defect is eligible for coverage. If so, you get help paying for the specific claim.

Your Original Warranty vs. Repair Insurance

You may wonder what the difference is between a car warranty and repair insurance. 

An original warranty comes with the purchase of a vehicle. This warranty covers mechanical problems, manufacturer problems with the transmission, electrical parts, and various defects. You should note this warranty ends once you exceed a certain number of miles.

If you opt for an extended warranty, it increases the lifespan of your current warranty for however long you decide with your dealer.

A major difference is that car dealerships handle warranties, and insurance companies handle car repair insurance. 

Neither covers the total cost of repairs when you get into an accident. However, warranties are better for manufacturer problems, while repair coverage is better for monthly expenses and coverage once the contract ends.

Rely on Professional Collision Repair Services

Unfortunately, accidents happen whether you have car insurance and warranties or not. Since warranties don’t cover collisions, many are left with expensive repairs and bills even after insurance.

When these accidents occur, you must let professionals take care of any damages to your vehicle; there are plenty of reasons why you should never diy auto body repair. Some of these reasons include risking adding more mechanical problems, damaging the body further, and creating hazardous conditions while driving. 

So, if you’ve recently been in an accident requiring repairs on your vehicle, trust our local Tucson, AZ, repair shop, which has extensive experience restoring cars. We strive to provide expert-level repairs for the ultimate peace of mind.

You can trust that our team has the entire repair process down from start to finish. Contact us at Formula 1 Collision Center by calling 520-369-4291 today to get the best car repair services regardless of if you have car repair insurance!

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